Optimising the time and cost of goods management

Logistics has become a key factor in competing on national and international markets. The requirements are increasingly specific, due in part to the globalisation of markets and in part to the relocation of Italian companies. These requirements involve the processing of goods (warehousing, sorting and distribution), and all the combined services that comprise the entire transport procedure.

At the Nola hub, we have a covered area spanning more than 3,000 m² where it is possible to inspect and monitor inventory and process goods at any time.

Logistics services

  • Taking deliveries
  • Checking inventory documents
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Handling of goods as requested by the customer
  • Inventory of remaining items
  • Shipping preparation
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Transport and delivery

Types of warehousing

Logistical requirements mean that different goods management policies must be adopted, in accordance with their specific characteristics.

Customs warehouses

Our Nola warehouse, authorised as a private customs warehouse, allows you to store goods from non-EU countries for an indefinite period of time without paying duty and VAT, postponing these payments until the goods are used or withdrawn for consumption. Here we provide customs warehousing for importers and exporters to receive and store goods that remain overseas deposits until customs clearance on request.
Using our customs warehousing and advanced logistics services facilitates the processing of goods and allows them to be sorted and redistributed worldwide.
Customs warehouses or bonded warehouses are not the only type of warehousing which allows you to postpone payment of taxes and duties; there are different warehouses depending on the types of goods, the origin of the goods and the tax system that they are subject to.


  • Logistics services
  • No advance payment of duties and taxes
  • Goods can be viewed by buyers
  • Goods can undergo various types of processing
  • No application of duty/taxes on goods for non-EU destinations

VAT/Tax warehouse

Our private customs warehouse also operates as a VAT/tax warehouse which allows you to perform customs activities without having to pay VAT to the customs office, even for domestic and Community goods.

Article 50-bis of Italian legislative decree 331/93 governs the use of VAT warehouses which are defined by the tax advantages arising from the fact that transactions to and from such warehouses are made without paying VAT. Tax is only paid when the goods are consumed on national territory.

Domestic warehouses

So that we can store and process various types of goods, we have over 3,000 m² of warehousing dedicated to advanced logistics services which facilitate the processing of goods and allow them to be sorted and redistributed throughout Italy.
From transportation to direct management to the final stages of distribution: choose a single partner capable of managing the logistics flow of your goods while optimising time and cost.