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We possess up-to-date knowledge of different countries’ regulations during each phase in the handling of goods.
We can meet the requirements of companies which need to transport goods, and offer a broad range of comprehensive services.

About us

Professional, reliable, expert personnel, technological innovation.
Giannetti is recognised in the industry thanks to its history and identity.

60 years of experience

GIANNETTI GROUP è una società di spedizioni internazionali via terra, via aerea e via mare, con oltre 60 anni di esperienza nel settore doganale.

L’Azienda nasce nel 1960 circa, su iniziativa di Loreto “Loris” Giannetti e mantiene lo status di ditta individuale fino al 1990. Oggi la titolarità è passata ai figli.
Nell’assetto attuale è gestita dai fratelli Walter e Sergio Giannetti, in possesso da circa 30 anni del patentino di “Dichiarante Doganale”, affiancati da un team di grande esperienza.

GIANNETTI GROUP is an international land, sea and air transportation company with more than 60 years’ experience in the customs sector.
The company was founded by Loreto “Loris” Giannetti around 1960, and retained its status as a sole proprietorship until 1990. Ownership has since passed on to his children.
Today the company is managed by brothers Walter and Sergio Giannetti, who have held customs declarant certification for approximately 30 years, supported by a highly experienced team.

The core business

Our core business consists of sea imports and air exports, as IATA agents since 1988. We handle approximately 8,000 TEUs each year, negotiating and commercialising freight costs with all the major shipping companies in order to position ourselves as a “VIP CUSTOMER” with certain carriers (MSC, Maersk, etc.). We have built strong partnerships with these carriers thanks to the trust we have developed over the years as well as considerable volumes of business.
We started out as customs brokers but have successfully evolved within a constantly changing industry. Today we stand out from our competitors by focusing on specialist, niche services.

Our working group

The Giannetti team is divided into areas of expertise, and has completed IATA and customs training and refresher courses. Our offices are staffed by multilingual professionals who speak English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian in order to facilitate communication with our customers and partners.
Every customer requirement is promptly handled by an extensive network of branches and partners around the world. We are a group which is always at the ready.

A stone's throw from the Port of Naples

Our head office is situated close to the Port of Naples, just a few minutes from Capodichino airport and the Interporto Campano at Nola where domestic and customs warehouses dedicated to logistics are located.

Whilst our head office is located in the city centre, our logistics and goods processing warehouses are close to an intermodal logistics platform and centre. These are situated in practical and strategic locations in relation to the services offered.


We have a bonded warehouse facility which allows you to delay payment of VAT/duty until the goods are withdrawn for consumption at your request.

Comprehensive service

From request for transportation to successful delivery. How?
By any means so as to facilitate and speed up business processes.

Air transport

As IATA agents since 1988, we enjoy agreements with major air carriers.

Sea transport

We operate as a worldwide shipping agent through an efficient network.

Land transport

We offer both full- and partial-load services, and are specialists in container transport.


We offer a professional and experienced approach to customs management for importers and exporters.

Customs warehouses

Our customs warehouses are available for goods which remain overseas deposits.

VAT warehouse

For performing customs activities without having to pay VAT to the customs office.

Domestic warehouses

Over 3,600 m² of warehousing ready to handle all your logistics requirements.

60 +


15 +

Business Consulting

+ 3.600 m²

Logistics area

+ 8.000

TEUs annually

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