Shipping farthest. Going further. Further than the rest.

With its professional and reliable approach, expert personnel and technological innovation, Giannetti is recognised in the industry thanks to its history and identity.

GIANNETTI GROUP is an international land, sea and air transportation company with more than 60 years’ experience in the customs sector.

The company was founded by Loreto “Loris” Giannetti around 1960, and retained its status as a sole proprietorship until 1990. Ownership has since passed on to his children.
Today the company is managed by brothers Walter and Sergio Giannetti, who have held customs declarant certification for approximately 30 years, supported by a highly experienced team.

Our core business consists of sea imports and air exports, as IATA agents since 1988. We handle approximately 8,000 TEUs each year, negotiating and commercialising freight costs with all the major shipping companies in order to position ourselves as a “VIP CUSTOMER” with certain carriers (MSC, Maersk, etc.). We have built strong partnerships with these carriers thanks to the trust we have developed over the years as well as considerable volumes of business.

We started out as customs brokers but have successfully evolved within a constantly changing industry. Today we stand out from our competitors by focusing on specialist, niche services.

Comprehensive service right through to delivery

From the initial request for transportation to delivery. We offer our customers a comprehensive service, which includes advice and support through to successful delivery. The entire import/export cycle can be tracked thanks to perfect assimilation of human and technological resources.

Customer care

Dedicated personnel supervise the progress of shipments.


A service offering a virtual view of the progress of your goods.

Customers turning to Giannetti require a specific service

Our target market is made up of 80% commercial businesses (we also carry out private exports), however the role of the customs broker/shipping agent is constantly evolving: the commercial chain is becoming ever shorter and so it is necessary to focus on services not offered by other companies.

As well as import and export activities, we also perform specific services for various multinational corporations. This is a very demanding business, aimed at customers requiring customs warehousing for processing overseas goods (we hold a customs warehouse licence) which can certainly make all the difference going forward.

We handle a wide range of products and goods, ranging from aerospace to textiles to domestic products (as an IATA agent we are able to transport all types of goods). Our service can be adapted to the needs of each customer.

Put simply? We are the transport agents you need for your goods!

Our expertise and, above all, the trust we have built over 60 years enable us to present ourselves as an intermediary with direct contact with air and shipping companies.
We are a team of specialised customs brokers and, as IATA agents, we bring together a whole range of skills which are regularly updated and refreshed.

Our team

The Giannetti team is divided into areas of expertise, and has completed IATA and customs training and refresher courses. Our offices are staffed by multilingual professionals who speak English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian in order to facilitate communication with our customers and partners.

Walter Giannetti

Sergio Giannetti

Vincenzo Barone
Import Department

Salvatore Pianese
Import Department

Rosario Esposito
Operativo Esterno

Giuseppe Barone
Import Department

Marcella Angrisano
Accounting Department

Roberto Balzano
Import Department

Ahmed Lamine Douffi
AR Export Department

Monica Lanucara
Import Department

Vincenzo Fogliano
Import Department